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Kelly Mac. Comedian. Writer. Slacker Grandma. 

"Kel’s dry style of wit and her willingness to poke fun at everything...had the audience captivated" - NOTA

Kelly Mac
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A refugee from a middling law career, Kel cut her comedy chops on brekkie radio in Coffs Harbour. In her first year she was nominated for the Australian Commercial Radio Award for Best Newcomer (she lost) and Best On-air Team (she won, with a little help from her co-host).

She entered stand-up in early 2020 and performs both solo and with Take 3 at festivals and venues around Australia. Still not satisfied, Kel entered the producer space by founding Top Dog Comedy in early 2021.

Kel brings warmth and wit to any evening, unless "Succession" is on, then it's wise to leave the room quietly. With the kids full grown, her parenting advice can be distilled down to “devon and white bread produce winners” and “never join the P & C”.

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"A fresh and honest perspective from a wise soul" - The Story Chunder

As the dominatrix once said, thanks for submitting! 

Kelly Mac Comedy 2020
Take 3

Kelly Mac Comedy 2020

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